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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Is Scrabbleverse free?

A: Yes, Scrabbleverse is completely to join. One day, Scrabbleverse may offer premium content or experiences that cost something, but currently, everything on the site is 100% free. 

Q:  What happens on Scrabbleverse?

A: You'll find new content every day like news, polls, tutorials, articles, blogs, quizzes, chatter, and sorts of Scrabbly goodness!

Q: Why does Scrabbleverse exist?

A: Our current online Scrabble communities are very fragmented, and mainly Facebook groups or pages. Scrabbleverse aims to provide a "front door" to competitive Scrabble by offering a friendly, bright, happy, positive, modern place to send people interested in learning more about competitive Scrabble.

Q: Is Scrabbleverse affiliated with Scrabble orgs like NASPA and WESPA?

A: No, Scrabbleverse is an independent project, run by volunteer Scrabble players.

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